Product Name:Process Builder OneView
Purpose:Create complete diagrams and documentation of a Salesforce Process Builder flow
NEW:OneView is now part of the Process Automation ToolKit
Details:Process Builder OneView 



Subscription:$99/year per user (May be used on multiple orgs) 


License includes all updates

Order:Online Store
or send payment via PayPal @
Requirements:Microsoft Excel for Windows version 2010 or above
Request Free Trial:OneView Evaluation Request
OneView Sample_por_rt

Release Notes:

2.02283/20/2021Added new column to Action Table (flowTransactionModel) Salesforce API 51.0 – Spring ’21
2.02275/14/2020Skip error setting formula right hand value
2.022611/24/2019Fix error with excess Footer length
2.02258/10/2019Revert API to get Ver # with Flow Names
2.02205/24/2018Added check for space in Force.CLI directory path name
2.02174/12/2018Added setting to bypass fetching of XML data
2.021512/17/2017Handle multiple ways different orgs were returning CreatedBy and LastModifiedBy values
2.0131/11/2017Added “Console” view for CLI
2.0101/7/2017Added scroll wheel functionality to FlowList
Added multi-select and Delete inactive Flows
2.00712/31/2016Changed FlowList to use a resize handle
2.00512/29/2016Added Snap-to-Grid for Flows
2.00012/11/2016Major Release: Added Process Builder ListView as front end for downloading and selecting Process Builder metadata files for processing by OneView. Command Line Interface is now used by Excel to download Process Builder metadata.
1.05112/10/2016Fixed Bug: Fixed text size on Criteria Nodes to fit diamond
Fixed Syntax: Process Builder recursion notice
Fixed Syntax: Criteria Node text when no conditions
Fixed Diagram: Position of Criteria Node False Arrow
Added: Notice of file names and location when creating PDF files
Fixed Diagram: Corrected display of Stop or Evaluate Next symbol
1.05012/8/2016Fixed Bug: Corrected sort sequence for Criteria Nodes
1.04610/22/2016Added support for Winter ’17 release (Invocable Process Builders)
1.04510/18/2016Fixed Start icon on Details page to display all letters 


Added text to the Detail Header if recursion is allowed

1.0448/27/2016PDF files names updated to include portrait/landscape & left/right designations 


Limitation: Separate pages required for Diagram and Details if the Process Builder contains more than 10 criteria nodes

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