Flow and Process Builder List View with Batch Delete – Instructions

Flow and Process Builder List View with Batch DeleteInstructions


Installation Instructions

The Flow & Process Builder List View with Batch Delete flows are all contained in a special App.  

Find the List View & Delete App by clicking the Waffle.

Type in flow and click on the Flow & PB List View and Batch Delete app.

You could also select View All and select it from the App Launcher.

The focused Flow on the app screen is the List View generator.  Here you have the option to create a List View of just Process Builders, just Flows or a combined list with both.  You can choose to show just active, just inactive or all statuses.  You also have the option to include or exclude the Description column.

If you choose to show both active and inactive Flow versions, you are given an additional option to select a row highlight format for active Flow versions.

If you have a large number of Flow versions, this component may exceed SOQL limits.  If that is the case, you can select a Lower and/or Upper value for the API Name in order to reduce the number of selections to be displayed.

Here is a sample List View including the Description column.

Standard datatable features include the column text formatting.

This sample shows the List View when the Description column format is changed from Wrap Text to Clip Text.

You can also set Filters on each column.

This view shows just Active flows with a Process Type of Workflow.

Here is the same List View of Process Builders sorted by the Object the Process Builder is based on.

The links in the Label column are active and for Flows they will take you directly to the Flow Builder for the clicked on Flow.

Because of the way Salesforce built the Process Builder editor, you will only be taken to the original Process Builder selection screen when clicking on a Process Builder link. 

The App page lets you select from 3 different Flows to be run in Full-Screen mode.

The List View Only Flow is what has already been shown in these instructions.

The List View with Option to Delete Inactive Versions Flow functions the same as the regular List View with the added option of being able to select Flows or Process Builders and pass them along to be batch deleted.

Here is an example of showing both active and inactive Process Builders and selecting some for deletion.

Select Options

Display List View

Select Inactive Versions to Delete

Confirmation Screen

Don’t worry about accidentally selecting any active versions.  They will be removed from the list before you get to the confirmation screen.  Here, as well, you can unselect any you don’t want to delete.

Before proceeding, you will need to change the ARE YOU SURE? Toggle to DELETE and scroll past the bottom of the screen to click Next.

The delete request is sent along to the Metadata API and you are returned to the Flow.  If you want the Flow to wait until all the deletes are completed you can change this attribute in the Flow and Process Builder Display Datatable and DELETE Flow.

The final Flow in the App is Select a Single Flow or PB with Option to Delete Inactive Versions.

Here you are presented with a picklist of all of your Flows or all of your Process Builders.  

After you make a selection, you will get a List View of all versions just for that particular Flow or Process Builder.  Here you can select the ones you want to delete.

And proceed like you did before.

When you are done with any of the Flows, click the Flow & PB List View and Batch Delete tab to return to the App home screen.