Flow and Process Builder List View with Batch Delete – Installation Instructions

Flow and Process Builder List View with Batch DeleteInstallation Instructions



Install Step 1 of 6

One of the Flows in my App uses the Flow Picker component that has graduated from unofficialsf.com to the Trailhead Sample Gallery.  You must install this component BEFORE installing my App.

Scroll down to the Automation Components section and click the View on GitHub button.

In the Readme file, find the section on Installing the components using Managed Packages and click on the Install link for the Flows Package.  Note: The provided link is for installation in a Developer or Production org.  To install into a Sandbox, use this link:


Once you have clicked on the install link, you will be prompted to login to the org where you will be installing the component.

On the confirmation screen, select the Acknowledge Checkbox and click Install.

You should see this screen when the installation has been completed.

Install Step 2 of 6

If you don’t already have Datatable v3.0.0 or greater installed, follow the installation instructions here to add this component to your org.

Install Step 3 of 6

Now, to install the List View and Delete App, click on this link and then click the Deploy to Salesforce button.


Select the type of org you will be installing the App in then click the Login to Salesforce button.

Login to the org.

When prompted, click the Allow button.

Click the Deploy button.

Note: You may see this message at the end of the deployment process, but the package should have completed the deployment.

You can confirm the Deployment Status by going to Setup and selecting Deployment Status.

Install Step 4 of 6

There are 7 Flows added to your system that all begin with “Flow and Process Builder“. You will need to go to Setup, Process Automation, Flows, then Open each of the Flows and click the Activate button.

Install Step 5 of 6

The next step in the deployment is to assign the Batch Delete Flows Permission Set to any users who will be running the app.

In Setup, type in perm and select Permission Sets.  Then click the Batch Delete Flows permission set label.

Click Manage Assignments.

Click Add Assignments.

Select the Users and click Assign.

Install Step 6 of 6

Because this component uses Metadata apis, you’ll need to have a Remote Site Setting on the org. If you don’t, you’ll see an error like this the first time you try to delete a flow:

You will need to configure your org to essentially allow applications to run that call out to the internet and then back into the same org via its api endpoints.

The best way to get the correct endpoint is to force the error.

Find the List View & Delete App by clicking the Waffle.

Type in flow and click on the Flow & PB List View and Batch Delete app.

Select the Select a Single Flow or PB with Option to Delete Inactive Versions option then click Next.

Select a Flow or Process Builder that has inactive versions and click Next.

Select an inactive version and click Next.

Select DELETE on the ARE YOU SURE? Toggle, then scroll down and click the Next button.

If you do not have the correct Remote Site Setting yet you will get a Flow Error Email.  Copy the endpoint url listed in the error message as you will need it in the next few steps.

In Setup, type remote, select Remote Site Settings and click New Remote Site.

Give the Remote Site a name, paste in the url you copied from the error message and click Save.

That’s it.  The App is ready to go.