Datatable Now Includes a Custom Property Editor

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The Datatable Flow Screen Component has come a long ways from the original Aura component that included separate attributes for 10 different Salesforce objects in a single component. Once Salesforce supported the ability to pick the desired Object in the Flow Builder, at the time of configuration, it was rebuilt from scratch as a Lightning Web Component. Now Datatable has been reimagined again with the addition of a Custom Property Editor that’s used by the Flow Builder whenever a Datatable is added to a Flow Screen.

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Custom Property Editors allow a developer to bypass the standard basic list of all component attributes in the Flow Builder and replace it with a Lightning Web Component that can present a logical and formatted interface for the user to configure the component. The CPE developed for the Datatable component takes this even further by including a button that launches a separate Flow that displays a special Datatable the user can interact with to configure their Datatable. I like to refer to this as my Custom Column Configuration Wizard.

Once installed, this component will appear as Datatable in the Flow Builder. DatatableV2 will still work with your existing Flows and can coexist with the new Datatable.

Here are a few examples showing how to build a Flow with a Datatable, how to configure the Datatable using the Custom Property Editor and how a user can interact with a Datatable. For complete documentation, visit the Datatable page.

Build a Flow with a Datatable

Configure a Datatable with the Custom Property Editor

Interact with a Datatable


25 thoughts on “Datatable Now Includes a Custom Property Editor

  1. Hi Eric!
    Thanks a lot for that! I just noticed that OpportunityContactRole object is missing on CPE list.
    There’s something that can be done to fix it?


      1. I was actually coming here to comment that there were some objects missing from the available list, but I see your comment above now, so that clarifies that for me 😉👍


  2. Hi Eric,
    Happy New Year…
    Very excited on this new development which I have just tried to use but failed at the nth attempt.

    When I select configure columns the application freezes and I get the following (Non)response:


    Here is a screenshot of the Datatable partial configuration.


    Any Ideas as to what is causing this problem?


    Mark Riley
    Xenogenix Ltd

    DD: 0044 1428 654410
    Mob: 0044 7785 722201

    Eric Smith posted: ” See this in action during DreamTX!Flow Builder Demos 12/17 (1PM, 2PM, 3PM Eastern Time) The Datatable Flow Screen Component has come a long ways from the original Aura component that included separate attributes for 10 differe”


  3. Hey Eric,
    I just went to update to v 3.0.5 and I’m getting the following error message:

    Error Number: 839023212-6133 (1902849370)

    1. No MODULE named markup://c:fsc_pickIcon found : [markup://c:datatableCPE]
    datatableCPE: No MODULE named markup://c:fsc_pickIcon found : [markup://c:datatableCPE]

    Is this an issue with the package, or am I missing something?


    1. I actually realised I missed update 3.0.4, so i ran that, d I’m getting this error:

      Error Number: 393849117-8016 (104329808)

      1. Cannot add component of type:LightningComponentBundle named:datatableCPE subjectId:0Rb5I000000H53u to another package because it is an installed component.
      package.xml: Cannot add component of type:LightningComponentBundle named:datatableCPE subjectId:0Rb5I000000H53u to another package because it is an installed component.


  4. Im getting this same error. The issue is I have the data table in ~40 flows in multiple flow screens and multiple lightning pages.
    The only way I can think to fix it is create a sandbox, remove everything from prod, update the datatable then push the original config back from the sandbox to prod?


      1. i actually found a way…

        If i remember correctly, I removed all the metadata components in the package then it allowed me to either upgrade or remove then install without removing the component from a single flow.

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  5. Eric,
    First, I want to say that datable is a great addition to my flows- thank you for your work on it. That said, I just ran into an issue of late, I updated to the most recent version 3.1.1 but I am running into a date issue. The dates appear to be in UTC as they are appearing a day earlier that if directly queried. I am in ET as well. I saw your note that “If you add custom TypeAttributes to a Date or Datetime field, the value will be converted from a ‘date-local’ value to a standard datetime value. This will cause the value to be processed as UTC time rather than being converted to the browser’s local time zone.” However, I am not applying any custom TypeAttributes, I am using the default. I cannot seem to find a workaround. Can you provide any direction?


  6. Hi Eric. Thanks for the great component.
    I am attempting to use the datatable to display a record collection of not yet created records. These records do not yet have a record ID. I’ve attempted to modify the “Key Field” parameter to another custom field “Custom_Id__c” for which I’ve populate a unique value for records in the collection. However, I receive this error when the screen with the datatable loads “Apex Action error: Unable to read SObject.”
    I’ve attempted to look through the posts and videos but have yet to find any reference to modifying this Key Field parameter. Am I using this incorrectly or is this not an intended use of the component? Thanks


    1. To “fool” the component, go ahead and use the regular Id field to store your unique temporary Id values. Just make sure that the first 3 characters of the Ids match the first 3 characters used by all Ids for the Object you are trying to display.


  7. Hi, i have modified one of the paex code works fine in sandbox, but have problems deploying

    Cannot add component of type:ApexClass named:ers_DatatableController subjectId:01p2y000000Rlt7 to another package because it is an installed component.

    any ways around it?


  8. Eric,
    I have a great use for the datatable, but I cannot edit the properties. Any idea how to solve this issue?

    When I click the Configure Columns button under the Table Formatting header, a window opens, but never succeeds in loading. I’ve tried Chrome, Opera, Edge browsers, but similar result.
    Please Wait… Loading Field Details. Or reference to a visualforce page which is blocked.
    Installed packages are datatable 3.4.5, FlowScreenComponentBasePack 2.7.6
    I installed the permisson set for the USF Flow Screen Component – Datatable

    I’ve tried whitelisting the visualforce page in my browser, allowing cookies.


    1. If you see this error when trying to Configure Columns, try going to Setup > Security > Session Settings and unchecking “Enable clickjack protection for customer Visualforce pages with headers disabled“. Also, in your Setup > User settings, make sure both Debug Mode and Development Mode are Unchecked.


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