Close all Tabs in a Lightning Console


There is an idea on the Idea Exchange about looking for a way to close all tabs in a Lightning Console App.  It’s an existing option in Classic that hasn’t yet made its way to Lightning.

Lightning Console: Close all tabs option

I’ve spent way too much time manually closing tabs and wanted a way to make this easier.

I stumbled across a reference to a component that could be used to refresh a tab in a console and saw that it used a reference to lightning:workspaceAPI.  I was able to use this Lightning Console JavaScript API to query the open tabs in a console view and choose which ones I wanted to close.

There is some debate in the comments on the idea exchange about whether or not to leave pinned tabs open when performing a Close All tabs.  I designed my component to take a single parameter to specify if pinned tabs should be closed or left open.

It’s easy to implement on the Utility Bar.


When selected, it pops up a Close Tabs button and the component takes care of the rest.


The component consists of three parts:

  1. Markup (closeConsoleTabs.cmp)
  2. JavaScript Controller (closeConsoleTabsController.js)
  3. Design (parameter) File (

You can get the complete source code and installation instructions here:


Check it out and take advantage of a great time saver.


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