Why this element should be first in all of your Visual Workflows


Have you ever wanted to temporarily disable a Visual Workflow?  How about wanting to debug your flow with some test data?

Add this simple Assignment Element to the beginning of your flow and you can run your flow with test data (1), disable your flow (2) or fully deploy your flow (3).


(1) Run your Flow with Test Data

In the Assignments section of the Assignment Element, provide a test data value for each of your flow’s input variables.


When you select Run, your flow will execute with your test data as input.


(2) Disable your Flow

If you want to temporarily keep your flow from executing, just remove the arrow linking your Assignment Element to the next Element.


Don’t worry about the General Warning messages about sections that are never used.  Your flow is still valid but only the Assignment Element will be executed, effectively disabling your flow.


(3) Deploy your Flow for normal usage

Select the first Element after your Assignment Element as the Starting Element and your flow will execute normally.


Again don’t worry about the Warning Message.  Your Flow is ready to go.


Special Admin Tip:

Update the description and save each of your modified flows as a new version so you can Activate whichever version of the flow you want at any time.


There you have it.  One simple Assignment Element at the beginning of your Visual Workflow and you can use it three different ways.



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